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What Experience Does CADH Have Establishing Vision, Mission and Values Statements?

CADH staff have facilitated discussions with local board of health members and local health department senior staff to review and revise vision and mission statements and to establish organizational values. This work has included both introductory presentations and interactive sessions with participants to promote inclusiveness. CADH staff have also coordinated and overseen the work of external consultants supporting CADH in their work to establish CADH Vision, Mission and Values Statements and a strategic plan.


Does CADH Conduct Situational Analyses?

CADH has extensive experience in conducting SWOT (which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis to inform both strategic planning at a local and regional level and to build consensus and prioritization among diverse groups. CADH has experience both facilitating in-person SWOT analysis as well as developing and analyzing survey instruments, both paper and web-based.

CADH has facilitated the National Public Health Performance Standards Assessment as well as supported a number of local health departments in self-assessment using the NACCHO Operational Definition of a local health department. This work has supported local public health planning and prioritization. As part of a quality improvement initiative,  CADH applied the NACCHO Operational Definition metrics in two District departments and facilitated prioritization, goal and objective-setting to support performance enhancement and collaboration between the two departments. The overall goal of this initiative was to systematically identify an area(s) suitable for collaboration that was feasible, maximized resources and advanced the participating health departments’ efforts to prepare for future accreditation. To achieve this goal, the participating health departments completed the Operational Definition self-assessment, established a process for sharing, comparing and prioritizing the data, and ultimately selected a priority area for improvement and established a formal mechanism to advance the quality improvement efforts.

As part of one municipal health department’s strategic planning process, CADH has facilitated Board of Health members and senior staff in an assessment of local public health activities using the Operational Definition as the framework for the discussion. The assessment has been used to inform strategic goals and develop specific organizational objectives.

Does CADH Help with Setting Goals, Objectives and Priorities?

CADH staff has worked with diverse planning groups in regional planning processes to identify appropriate planning goals, determine concrete objectives for the groups to work towards and engage members in the prioritization of activities. This work has stemmed from our involvement in regional planning efforts and also in our development of drills and exercises for LHDs. In this capacity, as with any planning process, clear goal-setting and defined objectives from the beginning of the planning process allow for actionable end results.

So What is CADH's Overall Strategic Planning Experience?

CADH senior staff have extensive experience in facilitating and engaging diverse groups.  Some specific examples of this work include:

  • Conducting structured dialogue with local health departments and their community partners around emergency preparedness planning

  • Facilitating Regional ESF 8 public health meetings to advance collective thinking and collaborative efforts

  • Facilitating National Performance Standards Assessment with many local health departments and their system partners

  • Facilitating LHD Board and senior staff sessions to assess local public health activities related to the NACCHO “Operational Definition of a local public health agency.”

  • Working with external consultants to design a strategic planning process for CADH itself, including evaluation of approach, reviewing processes and ensuring appropriate membership and Board engagement.