Who are CADH's Members?

CADH members are local health directors who represent Connecticut’s 169 towns.  CADH's members ensure the provision of the following statutorily mandated services (outlined in Section 19a-76-2 of the Public Health Code), including health education, nutritional services, maternal and child health, communicable and chronic disease control, environmental services, community nursing services, public health statistics, and emergency medical services.

What Do Local Health Directors Do as CADH Members?

Through CADH, local health directors:

  • Have access to a network of public health colleagues, resources, and ideas;

  • Share in a collective voice to protect and enhance public health;

  • Coordinate public health advocacy efforts;

  • Gain valuable insights from other local directors of health; and

  • Participate in professional development opportunities


Are There Resources for Members Only?

Members are invited to log in above to access to Members Only materials, including meeting minutes and current financial information.  If you need your login information, please contact  Once logged in, new menu items will appear when you hover the mouse over the "Member Information" tab.