Legislative PRIORITIES

What are CADH's Legislative Priorities?

Though the Connecticut Association of Directors of Health (CADH) advocates on a range of public health issues, it focuses its advocacy and policy work broadly around three priority areas: (1) strengthening public health infrastructure, (2) promoting health equity, and (3) supporting workforce development.

Strengthening Public Health Infrastructure

Public health is critical to monitoring the occurrence of and preventing disease and injury, promoting policies and practices that support good health, and protecting people from disease outbreaks and public health threats.  CADH seeks to strengthen public health infrastructure within Connecticut by vigilantly maintaining and actively building resources to ensure that all residents receive equal access to basic, comprehensive and competent public health services.

Promoting Health Equity

Differing social, economic, and environmental conditions can give rise to unjust and avoidable differences in health outcomes among different populations.  CADH seeks to promote health equity by providing local health departments with localized and precise data on health equities and using that data to facilitate broad civic discourse and to generate actionable policies and practices that address the root causes of health inequities.

Supporting Workforce Development  

Workforce shortages in recruitment, retention, and diversity undermine the ability of dedicated professionals to deliver optimal public health services.  CADH seeks to support a sustainable and competent workforce by enhancing life-long learning opportunities for the existing public health workforce, investing in public health job creation, and encouraging young people to pursue careers in public health.


Please click here to download a .pdf version of these priorities.