Who Has Access to the Index?

Local health departments in Connecticut are currently using the Health Equity Index (Index), which continues to be refined based on feedback from them. 

Where Can I Find Documents Describing Application and Evaluation of the Index?

Please click on the links below to access the documents.

Who Were the First Users of the Index?

Following a competitive request for proposals issued by the Connecticut Association of Directors of Health (CADH) three local health departments began using the Index in May 2009 to address the community conditions that contribute to health inequities.  Those local health departments are Ledge Light Health District, the Hartford Health and Human Services Department, and the New Haven Health Department.  Some accomplishments of each department are highlighted below.  Comprehensive discussion of these accompllishments are included in the Health Equity Alliance Project Report above.

  • The Ledge Light Health District has and continues to use focus groups to assess community reaction and receive community input with respect to the Index and analysis on the social determinants of health.

  • The Hartford Health and Human Services Department has used the Index to introduce the concept of health disparities to the Hartford community and is using data from the Index in its Critical Health Indicators report.

  • The New Haven Health Department has used data from the Index to research and inform investigations around the public health implications of violence.

When Did Additional Health Departments Gain Access?

In March 2011, seven additional health departments began using the Index to inform community health needs assessments, strategic planning processes and prioritization, and targeted intervention development.  Those departments were the Norwalk Health Department, the Stamford Health Department, the Stratford Health Department, the Torrington Area Health District, the Trumbull-Monroe Health District, the Uncas Health District, and the West Harford-Bloomfield Health Districts.  All local health departments gained access in August 2012.  This expanded use of the Index will greatly assist CADH in further refining the Index and exploring its additional practical applications, in addition to directly addressing health equity.

How Can I Gain Access to the Index?

To learn more about how to gain access to the Index, please contact Jill Barry at or 860.727.9874.