How Do I Engage in Advocacy?

The resources below provide a roadmap on how to engage in legislative advocacy.

Public Health Communications Toolkit

The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) created this communications toolkit to help local health departments effectively communicate about local public health in advocacy efforts.

Joining the Debate: A Guide to Testifying at Public Hearings

Connecticut Network created this educational video to provide a detailed look at the process of testing at legislative public hearings and provides suggestions for presenting more effective testimony (Length: 13 minutes).

How to Lobby the Connecticut State Legislature

This resource describes how to influence legislators, including through letter-writing, phone calls, and in-person visits.

Legislative Terms

This online dictionary provides a compendium of terms relating to legislative activity in the state of Connecticut.


Where Can I Learn More About the Connecticut Legislature, Related Entities, and the Legislative Process?

Access the links below to learn more about the Connecticut General Assembly, the Office of Fiscal Analysis, the Office of Legislative Research, and the Legislative Commissioner's Office.

Connecticut General Assembly

The state legislature is known as the Connecticut General Assembly (CGA) and consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives.  The CGA website allows users, among other things, to track bills, browse statutes, and access staff contact information.

CGA Committee Membership

The CGA has several standing committees, including the Public Health Committee.  Current membership to each of those committees may be found here and then on the tab at the top of the webpage that says "Committees."

Joint Rules

The Joint Rules govern the operations of the Connecticut Senate and House of Representatives.

Office of Fiscal Analysis

The Office of Fiscal Analysis advises the legislature on the budget and Connecticut’s economic climate and drafts a fiscal note for each bill or amendment considered by either chamber of the Connecticut General Assembly.

Office of Legislative Research

The Office of Legislative Research is the CGA’s non-partisan research arm.  Among other tasks, it analyzes bills, summarizes public acts, and staffs all nonfiscal legislative committees.

Legislative Commissioner’s Office

The Legislative Commissioner’s Office consists of a set of attorneys who, among other tasks, draft legislation that expresses legislative intent in clear, concise, and constitutionally sound language; provide legal counsel; and publish legislative documents.

How Do I Connect With My Legislators?

 Legislators welcome visits, phone calls, and written correspondence from constituents.

Connecting to Your State Representatives

Click here to find your State Senator or Representative.  Click here to access a spreadsheet of legislators following the November 2012 election, courtesy of the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits.

Directions to the Legislative Office Building

The State Capitol is located at 210 Capitol Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut, adjacent to the Legislative Office Building, located at 300 Capitol Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut.  For directions, click here.